The first struggle that you must come out of it is the struggle with yourself! Not the other side, not the people around him, not the world. The first problem you must solve is yourself. To what extend, you wanna show the very being of your thoughts, to what extend, you want to show your feelings inside. Are you ready to translate yourself? Are you ready for a fight? Can you accept the risk of failures? the risk of being the black swan? the risk of lying to preserve something? Can you manage your life? Your emotions? your responsibilities?

Yes, you are right! maybe I am taking it too serious, too masochistic. Relationship is so easy, initiates with flirting, culminates with sex, and then finishes with a break-up or a marriage! It has a formula, go through this, download it, watch it in youtube channels, ask experts. Take your friend’s advice, start one at least to learn how to play. Take a person for example!

Then who I am among this load of things I should carry out. Yes, I am delicate, sensitive, and trying to consider ethics. And yes, they do have no meaning except being amateur. And based on all of the usual definitions, yes, I am!

But I cannot to be someone else! This is the thing I know for sure.

And yes, this means the risk of loading this brutal loneliness forever. yes, I surrendered.


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