When you are living somewhere likes your homeland, you would think the number of apparent similarities between you and your neighbours, your classmates, your relatives and people living nearby are more than apparent differences, the color of your skin, the language you speak in, the traditions you celebrate, the foods you eat, the way you express you feelings seem more or less the same. So you first try naturally marginalize all those who do not have these features; then, you would try at the same time by preserving the above similarities find a way to make yourself a distinguished and different figure among others, and you would only seek to find some differences to show off through them and to absorb other’s attention. Differences coming after similarities outweight for you to give values to people.

While, in another place where you cannot find any of these above apparent similarities, you would try to find some other similarities to close yourself to them, to not be marginalized, to not be given values under the zero defined by apparent similarities. The last rope you would find to anchor yourself to is the nature of the same being. The fact that after all we are all human beings nothing more. The arrogant soul who used to marginalize others because of their differences, now will be transformed to a humble one desperate to find a way to flee from this loneliness hole, and to distract people attention to herself, to be treated just like others, and to be given values other than zero.

Then, once you find yourself in a street walking disappointed and finally discover quite a few beautiful similarities. Then, you find yourself starring for hours to a mother with her babies, or a laugh on a face, or a kiss. Experiencing this moment, all things seem to you familiar and strange. Familiar because they are all human beings natural actions, and strange because you have not looked at them so close to find out how beautiful and miraclish could be those apparent normal actions.

Finally, one day like today you conclude (or decide) that the only way to figure out who you are as a human being and an individul is traveling, and soaking yourself in a strange, unfamiliar land to live with new people, to stare to them, to discover them and through it yourself, to learn, to get used to all these and again a new destination and a new place.

There would be still one cottage to pull many out of you, and to reflect you. Should not be arrogant.


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