Where are you 1

Not found even a basic single reason to stay, but there still remain quite a few to simply say or to complexly articulate. My someone who I do not know exactly who you are. It is a bit tough for me to begin to write about myself; the person with whom I am much stranger than you. You are the only key to this unknown building, the only one who reads me unwritten, who interprets me untold, and who knows me even better than the ultimate creator. You are the only reason making me to pick up the pen and to try to write again. Let me do not beat around the bush more.

Not a great deal of time has been passing from the last struggle with my heart in which I have lost one more time. This time, I again took you wrong with someone else, but the flaws were soon discovered and I gave up the moments to be with them. Absolutely, your fault not mine. I have taken my steps, should be waiting for your steps.

Eagerly Waiting​ for you. Take soon the first one.


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